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My name is Aleksey. I was born in the wonderful city of Togliatti, Samara region. At the moment I live in the capital of the Republic of Mordovia, the city of Saransk. My main interests in general are reduced to the IT field and, to a greater extent, to the creation of sites, contextual advertising and website promotion. I am also actively interested in marketing, management, project management and constantly self-develop myself. Over the years of practice, I have accumulated good theoretical knowledge and practical skills in web programming (PHP / SQL / JS-jQuery / HTML / CSS, etc.) and SEO (external and internal optimization, website promotion, contextual advertising, social media etc.).

How I became a Web-designer and behind that Seoshnik

November, 2009

Started training as a web designer

In November 2009, at my institute began recruiting for paid training in the profession of a web designer, where I signed up and did an excellent job. After that, I was dragged into web design and I started creating sites for myself and for friends.

May, 2010

Acquaintance with CMS systems

In February 2010, I transferred to individual training and got a job at an educational institution as a software engineer. My responsibilities included: ensuring the smooth operation of all computers, faxes, networks, filling the site with information, etc. The site there at that time was static, it was located on yandex.narod.ru, besides, the site was very scary in my opinion and I changed its appearance (I made an editorial design). On this site quite often it was necessary to upload information, and since it was static, it was necessary to be sophisticated in different ways so that all information did not overload it, create separate pages, link to them, etc. and I decided to automate all this somehow and started looking for solutions on the Internet and found a lot of CMS, after which I chose a suitable one, studied it and implemented it in May 2010.

Jul, 2011

Introducing SEO

I was given an assignment, it sounded something like this: it is necessary that people who graduated from school can find us using the Internet (for example, drive in the Internet where it is best to go to study and so that our website appears there), something like this. And I started looking for information on how to do that, after which I got bogged down in the CEO.