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Technical aspects of a SEO audit site directly affect the efficiency of its work, and therefore the speed of promotion to the TOP. Even minor technical errors can have serious consequences & ndash; the resource can be excluded from the general index of Yandex, Coogle.

Website technical audit. The main goal is & ndash; detect and eliminate vulnerabilities

Software problems are detected during validation:

  • site mirrors;
  • trailing slash;
  • HTTP protocol;
  • of the Robots.txt file;
  • resource maps;
  • URLs;
  • number of Flash files;
  • frames and takes.

What is the analysis of site pages?

This stage of the audit is necessary to identify the `` pain points '' that come across in the way of search robots during crawling. These can be too long and large in size URLs that are blocked by robots.txt, meta nofollow and meta refresh redirect tags detected, redirection directions, with the value rel = "canonical" , rel = "alternate" etc.

The expediency of blocking some pages is revealed & ndash; for example, if there are too many outputs on external platforms.

Effective Meta Tag Analysis

Title and Description content should:

  • be unique;
  • be 10-70 and 70-160 by characters;
  • include main keywords;
  • be checked for dubbing via Google Search Console.

Good heading & ndash; short, no quotes. The attractiveness of the snippet depends on this.

Content analysis & ndash; the importance of quality content

Content is of great importance when ranking by search engines & ndash; texts with HTML headers (h1-h3 at best) and main keywords.

Each description on a specific page & ndash; within 400-2500 characters. High-quality content & ndash; this is a competent, unique, optimal in size SEO text (if the information is too voluminous, you can resort to placing it on several pages).

What is SEO link analysis for?

A site that has no more than 100 internal and external links is considered attractive to search engines. It is important that transitions are provided to quality resources, and the tag is used by Nofollow. Anchors for keywords are also subject to optimization, but it is important to prevent spam.

Competent image analysis

Every picture on the site must be optimized & ndash; that is, search engines can be traced by a specific name (Alt does not exceed 7 words, has few keys). There are clear boundaries regarding image quality & ndash; sufficient width and height.

Full resource optimization & ndash; key to success

If the site starts without problems, works not only from a computer, but also from a mobile device, you save a significant portion of the traffic. The developer takes into account:

  • correct viewport setting;
  • missing plugins;
  • shrink the page;
  • browser cache functioning;
  • speed of response to requests;
  • data readability;
  • responsiveness of images;
  • check for missing JavaScript, CSS, etc.

Usability and technical analysis

It is important to ensure that users can browse the site safely and avoid HTML errors. The faster it loads, the more likely it is that the user will not leave him & ndash; speed check avg (111 ms). Also, this moment has a significant impact on the ranking of the search engine.

You need to create your own 404 error page & ndash; so you convey the information of interest to the user and delay him on the page.

The site must have a favicon & ndash; a special unique badge that matches the brand. So it is possible to significantly increase the recognition of the resource, to distinguish it from others.

Monitoring is important at every stage of the project. Successful promotion is possible with a thorough technical SEO audit and taking into account all the important factors that can affect the situation.

Trust an experienced SEO specialist, take into account his recommendations & ndash; then the popularity of the site will increase and it will gain a foothold in its positions.